Be like a mirror, my friend

A Mirror never choose Mirror has an uncanny ability. The mirror never chooses. The mirror does not choose or discriminate who’s face to reflect and who’s not to. A mirror never favours one over the other. You may be attractive or unattractive to the world, for the mirror, it’s the same. It’s open to anythingContinue reading “Be like a mirror, my friend”

Do We Actually Have Control Over Our Lives?

As the legendary singer, John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” Look closely. Do you have control over your life? Do you possess any control over your thought which comes and goes without your notice? If we did, would we have chosen a nasty thought inContinue reading “Do We Actually Have Control Over Our Lives?”

Dealing With Dis Ease Within: A Poem by Prateem

Do you experience resistance in your life? Do you deal with the dis ease within? There is a disease within.It comes in the form of Thought, Feelings, Sensations and Emotions. ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. It wants your attention. It wants you. Let it come. Let it flower. Do not resist it, for it to comeContinue reading “Dealing With Dis Ease Within: A Poem by Prateem”

Change: The Undeniable Truth About Our Lives

Life teaches us valuable lessons, lessons that impacts and shapes us to the core. One such lesson is about CHANGE. Moving through life, little less do we see and experience the CHANGE in our lives. The noises of the mind eat up the majority part, leaving just a small slice to chew upon. Little lessContinue reading “Change: The Undeniable Truth About Our Lives”

Awareness: The Secret Sauce to Success

Ever wondered what makes successful people stand out from the rest? There are but a billion bookshelves filled with self-help books, guides of the experts, the professionals with their studies and all the rest of it for your success.  But do they tap on to their secrets? Yes, the practice and skill do shape theContinue reading “Awareness: The Secret Sauce to Success”

Hugging Life Into Your Arms

All we try to do is to reach from one place to another; demand a sense of security inwardly. We are in the process of becoming, creating a pseudo self with all the conclusions, ideas and beliefs. And so in the process, we capture, holding onto the happiness; the satisfaction and the extraordinary sense ofContinue reading “Hugging Life Into Your Arms”

Let Your Magic Flow: Decide To Create Without Judgements

Are you too scared about posting your craft online? Are you battling on the judgements, their judgements?  It happened to me as well. I waited for the best possible draft, for the best content to create. Very soon I realised that the best was no way near. I was but deluded into the mist ofContinue reading “Let Your Magic Flow: Decide To Create Without Judgements”

Life Lessons: 6 Things That The Year 2020 Has Whispered Behind

The year 2020 was the life-changing year, unlike any other year. It has left behind a lot to say to us. Today, I share with you, 6 things the year has whispered behind. Life is indeed a box of chocolates Forest Gump was right! Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know whatContinue reading “Life Lessons: 6 Things That The Year 2020 Has Whispered Behind”

Life Is An Incredible Journey: a poem by Prateem

Many walked in this planet,All Left with empty hands.Few leaned deep, in search of meaning.Few interested to live without the influences of the world around. And there were few for whom Absolute Freedom is what mattered the most. Yet there‚Äôre dozens of books, videos and films about life.They share their trail to the journey.They hustledContinue reading “Life Is An Incredible Journey: a poem by Prateem”

Aren’t We The Same Afterall: a poem by Prateem

You may be black or white, Poor or you exercise your might. We all go through Uncertainties. Dealing with our own sets of Insecurities. We may be a slave to our own beliefsBut we do suffer from our personal griefs. Aren’t we the same after all? Once you read the book of Life, Not Theoretically, norContinue reading “Aren’t We The Same Afterall: a poem by Prateem”

So Deep Is Life: Do We Realise?

Walking through life gaining experiences,We carry the world in our personalised lenses. Taught by the masses all around, The rights and the wrongs are so profound. So now we grow bold,  Not realising how deeply conditioned is our old. The ideas and beliefs are what we don’t doubt Our “point of view” is what weContinue reading “So Deep Is Life: Do We Realise?”

You’re The Best Of All: A Poem by Prateem

Life has its own story to tell. Some struggles to keep up with their daily needs,And some has more than what he really needs. As they have their own journey, for you to know.Everyone suffers regardless of their status quo. Eventually, some die coping up with their living,And some blossom into a full-fledged being.But oneContinue reading “You’re The Best Of All: A Poem by Prateem”

What If We Decide To Stop?

One after the another and another. The wish list in our life continues to add up. There’s always the next thing waiting for you at the doorstep to get seduced with. But is there any end to it? Is there an end to our desires? What if we stop and ask? Breaking the shackles ofContinue reading “What If We Decide To Stop?”

Information Overload

Information – the Silent Killer

Research says that an average person consumes 3 times more information today than in the 1960s. We’re progressing towards the new era. Today, we’re constantly swamped by the infinite stream of information surrounding us. But where’s the respite? No one knows where to stop Information is bombarded from all sides like never before. With allContinue reading “Information – the Silent Killer”

What do you choose – Freedom or Slavery?

Throughout history, we have suffered by the hands of the few people but today we have the power to choose and to live a life of intention.

Is it possible to live a life beyond words?

Life is much more than just a mere labelling of words. Awareness leads to a happy life.

Finding life amid suffering

this is the summary of finding life when we are suffering with a pandemic. Imbibing a healthier life will take us to prosperity, love and happiness.