Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem

I was sad,I was worried,I was depressed and lonely, low on energy,Experiencing resistance within, Now I am feeling energetic,Now I am full of life, inspired from withinNow I aspire and have dreams to achieve. With all the countless new pieces of information,With all the fast fleeting feelings and energy in motion,With all the innumerable sensationsContinue reading “Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem”

Be With Yourself: A Poem By Prateem

Please don’t value your time. You see time is utterly a bullshit thing to value. Living by the time is an illusion.It keeps you haunted, snatching away precious lives of yours. It steals us from being present, being here, being now. Instead, value your attention. Value the here. Value the now. It’s much sweeter, IContinue reading “Be With Yourself: A Poem By Prateem”

Here Enters The Life: A Poem by Prateem

A Life has just entered. He has nothing within.  His beingness, filled with beauty and aliveness. Oh! Every moment of his,  is the doorway to the new. No, he isn’t smart enough  in the eyes of society. Nor is he driven along by the waves  of his selfish needs. He is but empty from within, YetContinue reading “Here Enters The Life: A Poem by Prateem”

Gift Your Soul, A Rishikesh Tour: A Tour Guide

Rishikesh, India’s spiritual haven on earth, is the magical city sitting on the blue banks of the holy River Ganges. Months backs, I took a solo trip to Rishikesh. Though, it wasn’t all romantic at the start. I still remember being reluctant on the very night of my journey, dragging myself towards the bus station. Continue reading “Gift Your Soul, A Rishikesh Tour: A Tour Guide”

What is Happiness for you?

What does Happiness means to you? Is it just a Feeling? Or is it something more subtler? For me, happiness has always entered in the Present moment. It’s never a point to be reached. Happiness is never found in the Tomorrows or Yesterdays It never came through the mind. Or what the mind assumes presumesContinue reading “What is Happiness for you?”

And the truth sets you free

Truth remains the purest form of life

Life has finally arrived

Children are the real jewels. They have no past. All they have is present and the future packed with infinite possibilities.

Be Empty my friend

Life becomes much more vibrant and alive once we understand the significance of emptiness in our lives. Therefore, be empty from within.

Be Here Be Now

Life is always in the Now and the Present Moment. So, you be here and now to experience life to the fullest.

What does he seek?

He questions about his existence. He goes out to figure out life and what he actually seeks.

What made Steve “Think Different”?

This piece is about what made Steve Jobs different from others. It is about a true visionary who had set out to achieve unimaginable heights. He shaped the world with his Apple products.

He hopes to be free

He still remembers what Andy said to Red in the movie Shawshank Redemption. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.” There lightens a tinge of hope in him. Hope that at least now he gets to see the light at the end of the tunnel. HeContinue reading “He hopes to be free”

Craving to form opinions?

Let us look at the whole picture before penning on views and opinions on anything and everything in our lives.

Have you mastered the art of failing?

It is about my experiences with failure in life. Failure is uncomfortable at the beginning but ultimately it helps you to become a better person in life. Failure shapes you to grow as a better human being in life.

Is there life possible without death?

There is the possibility of birth with the help of death. Only the consciousness sees the harmony of birth with death.

Can we expand the boundaries of our lives?

there is a life beyond our sense perception.

A mysterious conversation with Pleasure

“And at the end of the day it leaves with nothing, nothing more than an empty hand left to crave alone, left for another day to be tricked”. We all love our pleasures. Don’t we? But do we see our pleasures? Pleasures serve us, eating up a lot of our energy, some remains, consuming usContinue reading “A mysterious conversation with Pleasure”

Why do we live with the past?

From our childhood, we were sent to schools, bombarded with teachings. History, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, we gathered them all, from people having their past share of researches on the respective fields. We knew about life from the eyes of all those people who had their share of life in the past. And we learnContinue reading “Why do we live with the past?”

Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.

With the social distancing tearing us apart, Yoga promises to bind us with the much-needed love and warmth in these tough times of our lives. Today, International yoga day is observed all across the globe with love, serene and tranquillity. The very root meaning of Yoga symbolises “Union”. Yoga unites our mind and body, mostContinue reading “Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.”

The art of questioning oneself

Ever hit by a question of “Who am I”? From being a tiny part in our parent’s body to the formation of small gems of fluids. From being a weak fragile old man with barely some of the functionings happening in the body. And then we are dying on the lap of the burned furyContinue reading “The art of questioning oneself”

Tao: Gaining back the forgotten way of life

“All-pervading is the Great Tao! It may be found on the left hand and on the right. All things depend on it for their production, which it gives to them, not one refusing obedience to it. When its work is accomplished, it does not claim the name of having done it. It clothes all thingsContinue reading “Tao: Gaining back the forgotten way of life”

So, what is Love?

Theologians have written volumes, the priests have given tremendous significance to it. Every man has given their personalised meaning and also the world of the film industry has dominated this subject for ages and made trillions of wealth. Since our very childhood, we have been imposed with certain conclusions on our minds, knowingly or unknowinglyContinue reading “So, what is Love?”

Are you too lost with the network of escapes?

Why are we lost with the escapes?

History of Pandemics that shook the world

The world has seen some of the grimmest times with its histories of pandemics. Such events have moulded, shaped and affected the human civilisation to its entirety. Here I take you down to some of the deadliest histories of pandemics experienced all across the globe that shook the world and our very existence. Antonine PlagueContinue reading “History of Pandemics that shook the world”

Do we observe ourselves?

This piece is inspired from J. Krishnamurti, a man who has devoted his entire life to examine, understand and enquire oneself and never accepted AUTHORITY of any means . Authority of every kind . He rightly points out that there is a major crisis in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. People suffer physically and also psychologically . WeContinue reading “Do we observe ourselves?”

Is there fear?

Do you ever watch the fear when it arises as it is? As long as there is division between you and fear, there is conflict, there is wastage of energy either by suppressing it, running away from it, talking about it, going to the analysts and so on and on and on . But whereas,Continue reading “Is there fear?”

Want to develop presence after the Lockdown?

Lockdown has taken a toll in our live. It is time to move forward with full vigour and determination leaving the history behind with freshness and love.

Now shape your life to a new direction

Shape your life to a new direction after facing all the adversities of life. Treat it like an opportunity to bring out the best in you.

Memories: Clearing up the cache files

Memories fill a large part of our life. Most of them are conditioned. Let us break-free of conditioning and look at life fresh and new.

A small piece about your thoughts

Here is a small piece about our “incisive compulsive thoughts”. Thoughts that directly or indirectly shape our entire life, twisting and churning us in different tumultuous ways. Thoughts we are obsessed about, feeding them and pampering them, even though it creates a mess and turmoil around us. For some, it’s even worse than their veryContinue reading “A small piece about your thoughts”

Why have we gone so far?

You see living onto life, we all have somehow managed to discover the answers to our physical sufferings. We have made tremendous advancement in the field of science and technology. As a result, we are making unimaginable progress in the external world, hardly anyone could have ever imagined decades ago, nor even the royals ofContinue reading “Why have we gone so far?”

What are we without words?

We human beings have mastered the art of churning and playing with words and the information inside ourselves, tied with the infinite ocean of words and knowledge we’ve gathered and accumulated in our lifetime. We are so caught up in mere Words, Symbols, Conclusions, Ideas, Opinions, Pleasing the Outside World, our Dear Gullible society andContinue reading “What are we without words?”

Life of the coronavirus in Italy

The wave of the “invisible enemy” swamping across the city with the shrewd and sheer level of intensity, where lives of the people took a shape turn altogether, where it was too late to react to the catastrophe, but to suffer the consequences of the disaster all by themselves, alone. This piece is about the first cityContinue reading “Life of the coronavirus in Italy”

Life beyond the “I”

Probably, one of the most used words in the history of mankind is the “I”. “I”, the beginning and the end of our life. “I” which is so important in our lives. Little less do we know life without the sense of the “I” in us, the narrative self. “I” which hides behind opinions, compliments,Continue reading “Life beyond the “I””

Life will never spare you

Here’s a thing about life, life never spares you. We are inevitably accountable for everything and anything we do in our lives. Surely life is a gift, but do we sense that in every moment of our lives? Years back, when I was down and out, alone and stranded in dismays, when life was allContinue reading “Life will never spare you”

Nothing can invade the Infinite Self within you

If we see life as the waves, which comes and strikes us with its stark intensity and falls back, resting to its shores, then today we’re seeing them in the form of the “Corona Waves” which is yet to settle back in its coast. As we all are getting acclimatised and are bathing into its shores, thereContinue reading “Nothing can invade the Infinite Self within you”

Is there any psychological evolution in time?

A child goes through adolescence growing out to become a man takes time, like a seed planted requires time to become a full-fledged tree. From the wheels on roads to that of the jets, it took time to bring to the success of the very act through the repeated evolution externally with the all necessaryContinue reading “Is there any psychological evolution in time?”

Fighting never works internally, acceptance does

One day she gathered up all her courage to speak up, and pour her heart out about all the things that she felt is needed to be fixed, tried telling her sister that if things aren’t working well, it’s better to walk off from it. She desperately wanted her to choose Happiness over Responsibility. SheContinue reading “Fighting never works internally, acceptance does”

And he aims to shine like the sun

Sun, an indestructible source of the energy to the universe with its undivided and unsullied warmth. The only one which shows up every single day without any fail. The only one which bestows itself, permeating energy to everything and everyone on this planet. The only one with all of its fearlessness and courage to remain,Continue reading “And he aims to shine like the sun”

If only you can see if only you can see.

Now that the truth has revealed itself to you, will there be any question left to answer? Will there be mind, claiming to be so ruthlessly powerful to sneak back in its old ways. Surely it will try all its tricks, deceit you and let you stay away from it. And so will life be,Continue reading “If only you can see if only you can see.”

Do we even realise what it means to be aware?

Human beings throughout the century, have excelled marvellously forming all the havens of conclusions and acting out in the world with all the past registrations. Now we are an intellectual being with all the baggage of information, we proudly hold up-to. Do we even bother to be aware and see life not with the intellectualContinue reading “Do we even realise what it means to be aware?”

No, she isn’t afraid of life!

And then she turns 23. Life’s getting serious around her. Now, she needs to earn, earn to live, earn to survive, earn to hold her family upright. But deep down she dreams of going to a far off, to free herself out of the cocoon of life, where everything just holds of absolutely little significanceContinue reading “No, she isn’t afraid of life!”

Do we know what is Meditation?

Do we know what is Meditation, not all the circus associated with it? The word meditation has become so common between us, a popular buzzword, the government uses it, the doctors practise, the religious powers thrust upon us and all of the rest of it. Also, we have the Indian Philosophy, the Zen, the TibetansContinue reading “Do we know what is Meditation?”

Does water says a lot more to us in life?

“A person of great virtue is like the flowing water. Water benefits all things and contends not with them. It puts itself in a place that no one wishes to be and thus is closest to Tao. A virtuous person is like water which adapts itself to the perfect place.” Lao Tzu wrote in TaoContinue reading “Does water says a lot more to us in life?”