Awareness – Unlocking the Secret Sauce to Success

Ever wondered what makes successful people stand out from the rest? There are but a billion bookshelves filled with self-help books, guides of the experts, the professionals with their studies and all the rest of it for your success.  But do they tap on to their secrets? Yes, the practice and skill do shape the […]

Hugging Life Into Your Arms

All we try to do is to reach from one place to another; demand a sense of security inwardly. We are in the process of becoming, creating a pseudo self with all the conclusions, ideas and beliefs. And so in the process, we capture, holding onto the happiness; the satisfaction and the extraordinary sense of […]

Do you see the nature of your mind?

“Mind, a vehicle to the wonderland, Even a marvellous tool for self-destruction” Have you ever seen the nature of your mind? Have you ever peaked within?  No, I am not talking about the intellectuals and the knowledge that we feed. Neither I am focusing on the stuff that provides you with capsules of pleasures within. Rather, […]

Exercise the Art of Being – Do You Know This About Your Mind?

Suppose today I hate a person. I curse him. The feeling of hatred, the anger boils within me. Then the mind interrupts and steps in. The mind says the best of things to be a better person. Now the mind wants to be peaceful, to be in the zen-like state. Here begins the journey to […]

Let the magic flow- Deciding to create without judgements

Are you too scared about posting your craft online? Are you battling on the judgements, their judgements?  It happened to me as well. I waited for the best possible draft, for the best content to create. Very soon I realised that the best was no way near. I was but deluded into the mist of […]

Life Lessons: 6 things the year 2020 has whispered behind to us

The year 2020 was the life-changing year, unlike any other year. It has left behind a lot to say to us. Today, I share with you, 6 things the year has whispered behind. Life is indeed a box of chocolates Forest Gump was right! Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what […]


In this fast-paced world, our body helps us in achieving our dreams and goals. We are ambitious. We act and thrive for a better life, shying away from the ones that rob us from a healthy lifestyle.   But wait, is that all? Do we hear what the body’s whispering to us?   Let the body speak […]


A Life has just entered. He has nothing within.  His beingness, filled with beauty and aliveness. Oh! Every moment of his,  is the doorway to the new. No, he isn’t smart enough  in the eyes of society. Nor is he driven along by the waves  of his selfish needs. He is but empty from within, Yet […]


Many walked in this planet,All Left with empty hands.Few leaned deep, in search of meaning.Few interested to live without the influences of the world around. And there were few for whom Absolute Freedom is what mattered the most. Yet there’re dozens of books, videos and films about life.They share their trail to the journey.They hustled […]

Aren’t We The Same After All?

You may be black or white, Poor or you exercise your might. We all go through Uncertainties. Dealing with our own sets of Insecurities. We may be a slave to our own beliefsBut we do suffer from our personal griefs. Aren’t we the same after all? Once you read the book of Life, Not Theoretically, nor […]


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