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The Art Of Thinking Well

“Today, I escaped from anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions; not outside.” To think well is an art. We often take it for granted, letting in information and knowledge, that creates massacres and worries within us. Thinking well is a skill that is honed and developed overContinue reading “The Art Of Thinking Well”

Greatest Power within you – A Poem by P.s.

—— You have the Greatest Power,that is within you. At the time of the Flickering Candleof the mind. See the Ever-shining,ever-present Candle within you. And the Instant Flash of light,dawns upon you. ——

Rumi Quote

There is a candle in your heart,ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul,ready to be filled. You Feel it,don’t you? Rumi

When The Craving Is Left Alone – A Poem by P.S.

Craving,a magnificent voidNo matter how much you fillEmptiness always awaitsto kill. Craving, thusa magnificent void. We cravefrom one thingto another.But what do we gather? Deep hollow,and a bottomless pit,Such is its nature. And finally,the wantingis tiredof hunting. We are left alone,only to surrender. Surrender,so do we. And, IT SETS YOU FREE! If you liked thisContinue reading “When The Craving Is Left Alone – A Poem by P.S.”

So Where Do We Find – A Poem by P.S.

Full of falsity,have we made this world.With endless amusement,senses being dulled.So, how do we find? If truth’s what we seek.  Mostly whensufferings inflicted,we think of all these. And there strikesthe existential crisis,like a deep dark abyss. But when there is the happy-happy moments,pleasures all around, do you still ask? If truth’s what we truly seek. If youContinue reading “So Where Do We Find – A Poem by P.S.”

The Might Prevails Yet Again – A Poem by P.S.

daring cloudsdances its wayinto the fiery dawn. To the Might,it coversbut fails,no takeover. So,back it goes,into the silent sky realisingit’s all over(yet again) […] If you enjoyed this postplease don’t forget to share your love 🙂

Such Is The Nature Of Our Being – A Poem by P.S.

“Let come what comes, let go what goes.See what remains.” Ramana Maharishi Far away from each other.Where distance,Dawn upon us. Torn and apart, are we? ….. Unknown is me to you,Unknown is you to me.Whosoever we are.There is no one alone. We share the same old grief.Loss and disappointment.The moments of joy,And contentment. We allContinue reading “Such Is The Nature Of Our Being – A Poem by P.S.”

You Are Much More Than That. That’s For Sure – The Poem

If you knew itfor sure… There isn’t any element of disruption,Nor anything that conquers through action. You Are Much More Than That,That’s For Sure …. The uphill tides,The massive waves of tsunami,Roars within you.They come.They try their best to break you forever.And nowit’s long gone… Only to make you realise,Which forms,Has to deform. No, you aren’tContinue reading “You Are Much More Than That. That’s For Sure – The Poem”

Quote on Truth by prateem

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Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem

I was sad,I was worried,I was depressed and lonely, low on energy,Experiencing resistance within, Now I am feeling energetic,Now I am full of life, inspired from withinNow I aspire and have dreams to achieve. With all the countless new pieces of information,With all the fast fleeting feelings and energy in motion,With all the innumerable sensationsContinue reading “Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem”

Be like a mirror, my friend

A Mirror never choose Mirror has an uncanny ability. The mirror never chooses. The mirror does not choose or discriminate who’s face to reflect and who’s not to. A mirror never favours one over the other. You may be attractive or unattractive to the world, for the mirror, it’s the same. It’s open to anythingContinue reading “Be like a mirror, my friend”

Quote on Belief: “Belief is like a glass…”

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Life Is An Incredible Journey: a poem by Prateem

Many walked in this planet,All Left with empty hands.Few leaned deep, in search of meaning.Few interested to live without the influences of the world around. And there were few for whom Absolute Freedom is what mattered the most. Yet there’re dozens of books, videos and films about life.They share their trail to the journey.They hustledContinue reading “Life Is An Incredible Journey: a poem by Prateem”

The 3 Doshas: Know What Ayurveda Tells About Your Body

Today, Ayurveda has all the weapons required to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, our body consists of 5 elements i.e. air, ether, water, fire, earth. These elements are in constant interaction with each other. The combination of these elements forms the Doshas, namely- Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Vata Vata is mainly the interaction betweenContinue reading “The 3 Doshas: Know What Ayurveda Tells About Your Body”

5 Reasons Why Motivation Aren’t Working For You

Today Self-help industry thrives!  You will find motivation in every nook and corner.  But has it worked?  Remains a question. Let’s find out why. Motivation fades with time Motivation is just like a delicious piece of cake.  You have it and you’re done after a while.  Yes, it’s temporary. Motivations tend to fade away withContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Motivation Aren’t Working For You”

What is Happiness for you?

What does Happiness means to you? Is it just a Feeling? Or is it something more subtler? For me, happiness has always entered in the Present moment. It’s never a point to be reached. Happiness is never found in the Tomorrows or Yesterdays It never came through the mind. Or what the mind assumes presumesContinue reading “What is Happiness for you?”

Life has finally arrived

Children are the real jewels. They have no past. All they have is present and the future packed with infinite possibilities.

Be Empty my friend

Life becomes much more vibrant and alive once we understand the significance of emptiness in our lives. Therefore, be empty from within.

Be Here Be Now

Life is always in the Now and the Present Moment. So, you be here and now to experience life to the fullest.

What does he seek?

He questions about his existence. He goes out to figure out life and what he actually seeks.

What made Steve “Think Different”?

This piece is about what made Steve Jobs different from others. It is about a true visionary who had set out to achieve unimaginable heights. He shaped the world with his Apple products.

He hopes to be free

He still remembers what Andy said to Red in the movie Shawshank Redemption. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.” There lightens a tinge of hope in him. Hope that at least now he gets to see the light at the end of the tunnel. HeContinue reading “He hopes to be free”

Craving to form opinions?

Let us look at the whole picture before penning on views and opinions on anything and everything in our lives.

Have you mastered the art of failing?

It is about my experiences with failure in life. Failure is uncomfortable at the beginning but ultimately it helps you to become a better person in life. Failure shapes you to grow as a better human being in life.

Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.

With the social distancing tearing us apart, Yoga promises to bind us with the much-needed love and warmth in these tough times of our lives. Today, International yoga day is observed all across the globe with love, serene and tranquillity. The very root meaning of Yoga symbolises “Union”. Yoga unites our mind and body, mostContinue reading “Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.”

So, what is Love?

Theologians have written volumes, the priests have given tremendous significance to it. Every man has given their personalised meaning and also the world of the film industry has dominated this subject for ages and made trillions of wealth. Since our very childhood, we have been imposed with certain conclusions on our minds, knowingly or unknowinglyContinue reading “So, what is Love?”

Do we observe ourselves?

This piece is inspired from J. Krishnamurti, a man who has devoted his entire life to examine, understand and enquire oneself and never accepted AUTHORITY of any means . Authority of every kind . He rightly points out that there is a major crisis in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. People suffer physically and also psychologically . WeContinue reading “Do we observe ourselves?”

Is there fear?

Do you ever watch the fear when it arises as it is? As long as there is division between you and fear, there is conflict, there is wastage of energy either by suppressing it, running away from it, talking about it, going to the analysts and so on and on and on . But whereas,Continue reading “Is there fear?”

Finding life amid suffering

this is the summary of finding life when we are suffering with a pandemic. Imbibing a healthier life will take us to prosperity, love and happiness.

Why have we gone so far?

You see living onto life, we all have somehow managed to discover the answers to our physical sufferings. We have made tremendous advancement in the field of science and technology. As a result, we are making unimaginable progress in the external world, hardly anyone could have ever imagined decades ago, nor even the royals ofContinue reading “Why have we gone so far?”

What are we without words?

We human beings have mastered the art of churning and playing with words and the information inside ourselves, tied with the infinite ocean of words and knowledge we’ve gathered and accumulated in our lifetime. We are so caught up in mere Words, Symbols, Conclusions, Ideas, Opinions, Pleasing the Outside World, our Dear Gullible society andContinue reading “What are we without words?”

Life beyond the “I”

Probably, one of the most used words in the history of mankind is the “I”. “I”, the beginning and the end of our life. “I” which is so important in our lives. Little less do we know life without the sense of the “I” in us, the narrative self. “I” which hides behind opinions, compliments,Continue reading “Life beyond the “I””

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