Here Enters The Life: A Poem by Prateem

A Life has just entered.
He has nothing within. 
His beingness,
filled with beauty
and aliveness.

Oh! Every moment of his, 
is the doorway
to the new.

No, he isn't smart enough 
in the eyes of society.
Nor is he driven along
by the waves 
of his selfish needs.

He is but
empty from within,
Yet intensely
full of life.

Being alive and vibrant,
is all he knows.

He is constantly 
on the move.
He looks,
he learns, 
he grows.

Oh! He absorbs life 
at its very best.
He lives each moment,
as if it was his
very last.

Oh! Here comes the life,
Filled with love
and joy.

Here comes the life,
Blossoming at its
very best.

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