5 Reasons Why Motivation Aren’t Working For You

the book over the face of the girl

Today Self-help industry thrives! 

You will find motivation in every nook and corner. 

But has it worked? 

Remains a question.

Let’s find out why.

Motivation fades with time

the plate is empty

Motivation is just like a delicious piece of cake. 

You have it and you’re done after a while. 

Yes, it’s temporary.

Motivations tend to fade away with time.

Habits rules after all

packet of cigarettes

Your habits play a huge role.

Because what you do regularly adds up in your default setting. 

After some point of time you do it anyway (acting choicelessly).

 Motivation needs to sink into the habitual patterns.

Trying out everything at once

the boy is confused with many tasks in hand

After motivation chips in, we fly high. 

We try to achieve everything at once.

Now realistic planning goes out for a toss.

Motivation in itself becomes a Trap

the balloon has run out of gas.

After a high, do you stop there?

You tend to go back to the same loop. 

And you fall back to the pray of repeated kicks after kicks…

Thus motivation becomes a trap.

Dulls the scope for Questioning

the girl is tired.

Motivation’s always from outside. 

But questioning involves you to doubt going inside.

It demands you to question your actions, ideas and beliefs.

Your Actionable tip

dog playing in the park

You got to figure out your own source of inspiration. 

Always start with “Why”.

Show up on what really matters. 

Brush aside all the feeling and emotions. 

And Rest everything will follow. 

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