Life has finally arrived

Photo Credit – Abhik

Here’s to the life, fearlessly making its way in being. Here’s to the life, not burdened by torments of the world. Real Wealth not bothered by the “Made-up wealth”. The jewels of tomorrow have finally arrived.

Here comes the life.

No, they aren’t afraid to be wrong, as they are the young. Insecurities are no way nearer. The Like, dislikes, shares and all the rest of it,

Boy, they don’t care any.

No, they aren’t burdened by the opinions and judgments of the gullible society. No, they aren’t yet us. All they care about is to be, be the very life that they are. That’s what they are born to be.

That’s what they are here to be.

As I click, the fragrance of life is felt all across as they’re infectious. Oh, I honour the life filled with infinite possibilities. I honour the aliveness and the richness they have within.

I honour the life within.

Now I go but it’s time for them to rise and shine above all. So I say, “Cheers to the blossoming bright faces. Cheers to life within.”

Life has finally arrived.

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